Grumbles House was a prominent family home on the edge of town in 1908, but is now a “happening place” in Dunnellon’s Historic Village where southern hospitality greets you and reasonable prices and interesting displays bid you to stay. Antiques, gifts, home décor and handmade items fill the 10 room two story house with the latest finds of a dozen or so talented vendors. Outside in the courtyard, enjoy the large granite fountain, brick walkway and garden décor. Our ever growing selection of healthy plants and herb gardens delight gardeners and make nice gifts when on the way to a party or housewarming.

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    Fall Flowers in Our Garden

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    There’s ALWAYS something different arriving at Grumbles House!!

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    Handmade and Waiting for YOU at Grumbles House

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    FUN SERVE-WARE from Mud Pie

  • Garden Groupies!

    Garden Groupies

  • Beautiful Peacock Star Panel



Why the name “Grumbles House”?

Prior to 1908, John & Mary Grumbles were raising their family” on the compound” at Rockwell (present day Holder) where offices for Dunnellon Phosphate Co. were located. Mr. Grumbles was superintendent of that and most mines in North Central Florida during the phosphate boom at the turn of the century. Although tutored on the compound, when the two oldest girls reached school age, Mr. Grumbles felt they should live in “a proper home” and go to “a proper school”. So, he purchased the land, hand-picked the lumber and had the 4 bedroom, 2 bath home with 5 fireplaces & transom windows built where we enjoy it today.

The family of 6 moved in during 1908 when Dorothy was just three (blondie w/white hair bow in front on trike). A younger brother, Henry, with “beautiful auburn hair” was born in the master bedroom where Mr. Grumbles later died. The family moved to Jacksonville in the late 1930s as the girls went off to college at FSU, then an all girls college.

We have been fortunate enough to entertain Dorothy several times and hear her wonderful stories of growing up here before her death in May of 2006 at the age of 99. We felt it an honor to name our business “The Grumbles House” after the family who built and lived life in this old house