BANDI Classic Pocket Belts

Classic Pocket Belts are a sleek stylish alternative to the traditional fanny pack. Perfect for stashing iPhone, keys, cash and ID.  This belt features a divided main pocket, a smaller side pocket, an adjustable fit and an easy-on easy-off buckle.  You will love the sleek modern, secure fit for your small essentials. All BANDI offerings feature a unique pocket fold to ensure necessities are close at hand, but never a burden. We are also very proud that all of our products are patented and manufactured right here in the USA. BANDI is not only a stylish way to secure life’s essentials, but it allows you the freedom to explore your next adventure. The daily ritual of living an active life will never be the same! Stash your stuff, not your style!   We’ve all been there – the running procrastination trap. “Just one scroll through Facebook, then I’ll go on a run. Just 10 more minutes of sleep, then I’ll go on a run. BANDI runner  

What can I fit in my BANDI belt?

The following items can easily be stashed into a BANDI belt:  Cash, cards, ID, phone, MP3 player, keys, lip balm, small sunscreen, asthma inhaler, insulin pump, tickets, receipts, sports GU, chomps or gel, hearing aid batteries, medicine, coins, tissues.  BANDI belts are meant to be sleek in appearance so just don’t stuff them too full!  

How many pockets does a BANDI belt have?

Technically speaking the BANDI belt has 2 pockets, but we like to say it has 3 places to put things.  The main pocket is divided so you can keep your phone separate from your cards and cash.  A separate pocket to the side of the main pocket is great for slightly bulkier items like keys, lip balm, etc. The main pocket is divided by a stiff poly stabilizer that is sewn in. This provides structure, stability and protection for your valuables.  

How do you wear a BANDI belt?

The BANDI belt is designed to be worn around the low waist (or high hip). There is a low profile buckle that allows you to put the belt on a take it off with ease (no having to step in or pull over your head). You can adjust the fit by sliding the tri-glide adjuster. The pocket opening is worn next to the body and we recommend placing the main pocket just off center closer to your right hip.  

How do I care for my BANDI belt?

We recommend hand wash in cool water and hang to dry. Basically the same way you would care for a swim suit or lingerie.  

How long will my BANDI last?

Well that depends how often you wear it. A vendor at a farmers market told us she wore hers every weekend for 2 years, then needed a new one. Another gal said she ran almost every day, all year long for a year with hers and it was still in great shape. We do of course, recommend buying several so you can rotate them.  

Will the BANDI belt  ride up when I run?

We can confidently say, “no, the belts will not ride up” as that is our experience after extensive testing and many positive customer comments and feedback. We do have a generous return policy in the event that it doesn’t work for you.  

Will the BANDI belt bounce when I run?

No, because of the sleek tapered design and the adjustable fit, the belt hugs your hips and will not bounce!  

What size range does the belt fit?

BANDI belts fit most low waist sizes 28 to 42”. If you need larger size, we offer an extender ($4) which increases the fit up to 54”  

What size phones will a BANDI hold?

Our classic pocket belt has been recently modified to now accommodate the new larger phones.  It will easily hold an iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 6 Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5, Google Nexus 5, Droid Razer, LG Optimus Exceed 2 and Nokia Lumia If you like a really large tablet style phone like the Samsung Note, the Galaxy Mega, or the new iPhone 6 plus, then the Large Pocket Belt is the one for you!  

What activities would a BANDI be good for?

Running, walking the dog, a stroll on the beach and other vacation and travel activities, hiking, biking, attending concerts, sporting events, tail-gating, kids soccer games, swim meets, roller blading, night-clubbing, shopping, horse-back riding, golfing, gardening, amusement parks – you name it!  

There’s no zipper. Will my things fall out?

BANDI belts are constructed with a patented design and will hold all items securely. When the belt is adjusted to fit snugly around your low waist, the stretch fabric seals your items in. Be sure the fold is pulled over the top of the pocket to secure your essentials and always wear your belt with the fold side of the pocket against your body. Your essentials will be safe!  

Are BANDI belts waterproof?

BANDI belts are constructed from a spandex knit. The fabric has natural wicking properties, and the belts have 2 layers of poly stabilizer which pads and protects your items. Technically speaking, they are not waterproof. We recommend a simple plastic ziplock bag if you are a super sweater or anticipate being in a wet environment. Many new phones are being released with a waterproof feature which is a good thing!   Bandi testamonial.jpg black print

I am a 66 year old type 1 diabetic and saw your product on the TV morning show.  I have tried almost everything over the years to hold my pump, but have been SO dissatisfied and uncomfortable wearing them.  BANDI is my savior!  I don’t even know I have it on!!   Thank you for coming up with something so comfortable and practical AND majorly stylish!!!