Vibrant Glass Bird Bath Bowls & Whimsical Metal Fountains

We carry a nice variety of glass bird bath bowls and whimsical metal fountains that pair up to give you the soothing sound of falling water in this beautiful accent piece.  The bowl and fountain are priced separately but each fountain comes with a small pump that cycles water through so electricity is needed near the site.  No hose or faucet necessary.  We recommend distilled water. We also carry a variety of metal stands to hold the bowl & fountain.  From an 8″ high speckled gold stand for $8.99 on up to 24″ high and $42 for heavier gauge or solar powered light up stand in a variety of styles.  Most bowls are $43 but some of the art glass bowls run as high as $89.  The art glass bowls can also be hung on a wall via a small, strong plastic hanger that cups the back center rim.  Have fun mixing and matching your favorite fountain, bowl and stand for your own lanai or reading room or for a special gift for someone you love.