Dunnellon Souvenir – Cheese Tray from Recycled Wine Bottles

We are excited to add another Dunnellon souvenir to our inventory.  Our customers want them to take home to remember us by as well as to give as hostess and thank you gifts.  These cheese plates are functional yet works of art, which in my mind, is a good thing to start with.  Add the facts that it’s recycled AND made in America and that makes it “the whole package” – a winner! Dishwasher safe.   Cheese plate comes with a spreader.   $39.99   The studio we ordered from is in Charleston, SC.  They have more than 45 years combined experience in creating large scale stained glass installations in churches, commercial buildings,private residences, hospitals, nursing homes, museums, historic theaters, government buildings, and restaurants across the United States. . Their products also include one-of-a-kind fused glass artwork and recycled glass creations.