Variety of “Prompt” Journals

We are excited about the new journals we found recently at market and hope you will like them too.  The titles and many of the pages have great prompts to get you started – and if you’re like me that’s all I need is a start and I’m off and going for pages.  We ordered little beer and wine journals for those of you who love to try different kinds and want to remember what you liked (and the few you didn’t), where you were and who you were with when you tasted.  We ordered some “My Bucket List” to get you thinking about what’s important to you and what you have left you want to accomplish while on this ole earth Then there is a travel journal, a prayer journal, a camping journal, a hiking journal, a dining out journal, a dreams journal, Books I’ve read journal and on and on it goes.  Two more things I love about these journals are they are MADE IN AMERICA AND they are printed on RECYCLED PAPER!