Made in Mississippi – Absorbant Car Coasters

While shopping the Made In America section at market recently we found this family owned company who has been making absorbent coasters from their family of sculptor’s art for the past 21 years.  The clay they were using at the time they said, was from Minnesota.  We started with the car coasters, selling pairs for $10 and will soon be bringing in full sized drink coasters.  If we can order something special for you, let us know. The coasters are carved from modeling clay, hand-pressed, stained and fired in North Mississippi since 1995. Every facet of manufacturing, from design, sculpture, and shipping, is done in-house to ensure that quality standards are maintained.  The porous nature of their clay naturally drains condensation from your drink while the cork backing protects your furniture.  Some of the retailers that have carried sculptures by this artists are: Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s, Graceland, Disney, The Nature Company, Gumps, Jacobson’s, CrackerBarreland hundreds more.  Grumbles House is happy to bring you these quality coasters.