Hand Crafted Metal Engraved Ornaments

Pilgrim Imports – Working Together For Good  –  While at market in January, we were happy to stumble upon this company which started 28 years ago as a result of a college kid visiting Thailand and becoming interested in the people there.  It has grown now to employ 400 people and to raise the standard of living of their village substantially.  We are thrilled to be even a small part of such a positive change.   With more than 269 different ornaments to choose from,  the creativity is endless.  They also make pins to wear on clothing that are sold attached to a greeting card, which makes a great, easy to send gift.  We are having a custom ornament of Grumbles House made to sell.  They would be happy to make a custom ornament for your family, team, company or club.  

Pilgrim Imports bases their entire business process on fair trade and fair wage. With being fair trade,founder & owner Martin Huennekens believes it “attracts a person who is a little more interested in doing something that means something,” regarding the small number of employees who work at the company in Milwaukee. It also creates a similar attraction from various sales representatives and retailers that they do business with.

Over 400 individuals in Thailand provide their skills and techniques to create these various products. Through Pilgrim Imports, the lives of these families have been greatly enhanced. “That to me is one of the great honors, where the people who have started with me have been able to get better education for their children, cleaner drinking water, better healthcare, just a better life,” explains Huennekens.

Fair Wage is about caring who makes the stuff, not just is it cute.   We have choices where we spend our money. Those choices make a difference in people’s lives all over the world. Pilgrim Imports was started 28 years ago to do this (fair trade)

before it was popular. Now others are joining. That is why we are partnering with more friends who have gone to other areas, but who have the same message.