Grumbles House has carried stained glass manufactured by the same company for about 15 years now.  The constant proliferation of new designs allow s us to bring new and interesting table lamps, accent lamps, floor lamps and window panels to our customers in a variety of colors and styles.  My best stained glass customers are those who are stained glass artists themselves. They tell me they couldn’t buy the glass and wouldn’t cut it out for the selling price of the finished product we carry.  That’s because the company we buy from is the largest importer and wholesaler of Tiffany style lighting, and their quality of work shows in each piece.   Drawing inspiration from the rich history of the cultures and cities the owners visit all over the globe, their expertise lies in sourcing, designing and developing unique lighting, home furnishings, décor accents, and area rugs.  They source and develop the most interesting and extraordinary products in the world and bring them to the market at an exceptional value. This is NOT a complete gallery of what we carry, just a sampling.  Stop by and enjoy perusing the glass in most rooms in the “big house” as well as throughout the cafe (Sweetie’s) next door.