Wellness Mats – A Pleasure to Stand On!

We are happy to have, back in the house for sale, a nice variety of Wellness Mats.  We have 2 sizes (3×2′ and 6×2′), about 6 colors and styles of bella, entwine and trellis.  Below are some excerpts from the Wellness Mats website. We will never compromise our products, values, or integrity by looking for shortcuts. There is no doubt that many companies are enticed by the cheaper raw materials, unskilled labor, and the lack of stringent regulations when importing from overseas. We at WellnessMats strongly believe in producing the highest quality products, abiding by U.S. Government instilled guidelines, supporting our economy and keeping jobs in America. Every WellnessMats employee is exceptionally proud of our 100% “Made in America” products and policies. Our strong sense of pride is clearly demonstrated in our marketing, media, and manufacturing campaigns. This synergy is contagious and reflected in every WellnessMat produced Why are WellnessMats the #1 preferred anti-fatigue mat on the market?
  • Superior Comfort and Support
  • Gradual Edges Will Never Curl
  • ¾” Advanced Polyurethane Technology
  • 20° No-Trip Beveled Edge (ADA Compliant)
  • Safe, Non-Toxic, Latex, and Odor Free
  • Non-Slip Top and Bottom Surfaces
  • 20-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Puncture and Heat Resistant
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain
  • Stain and Dirt Resistant
  • 99.99% Anti-Microbial By Design
  • Extended Life Cycle and Recyclable
Blame it on gravity WellnessMats provide constant, cushioned support under your feet. Our soft, smooth surface and buoyant core encourage very, very subtle movements and re-alignments. This subtle activity reduces muscle and joint fatigue as well as stress on the lower extremities. Our mats are unlike any other. Made from our proprietary Advanced Polyurethane Technology (APT), our mats are ‘one piece construction.’ What this means is that unlike other mats made from several different materials fused or sewn together, our mats will never delaminate, the edges will never curl, nor will our mats puncture or slide. In addition our APT has allowed us to offer you an unprecedented 20-Year Warranty on all WellnessMats. Our mats will forever remain buoyant and supportive bringing you years of comfort and well-being (thus our name!) Don’t take our word for it. Try it for yourself. Your feet, knees, ankles, calves and lower back will receive unsurpassed comfort and support. The bottom line; you feel better and you literally are healthier on a WellnessMat.

How WellnessMats Help Your Body

Let’s face it; we all spend a great deal of time on our feet. Cooking at the stove, washing the dishes, doing laundry, enjoying hobbies, and yes very often while at work. Standing for long periods of time on hard surfaces can put undue stress on your body (feet, ankles, knees, hips and back), causing weariness and fatigue, aches, and pains. It is these very issues we sought to eliminate when we created WellnessMats. Our main goal has always been to provide the very best anti-fatigue floor mat that would alleviate aches & pains, while increasing energy and productivity. Our success in meeting this goal is why our mats are the mat-of-choice for the Department of Homeland Security, the TSA, and millions of line workers, salon owners, chefs, and consumers like you around the world.

How Do You Clean WellnessMats?

Our mats require little to no special care. You can spot clean, sweep, stick vacuum (non-brushrolled), or mop as needed. Most spills can be easily cleaned with a towel. For more difficult stains, clean with mild soap and water.

How Do You Justify the Cost of a WellnessMat?

WellnessMats are made of 100% polyurethane, which is a petroleum-based product. They are a molded one-piece construction mat, so the costs of producing them are much higher than less-expensive, multi-layered or glued-together mats. Our “best-in-class” WellnessMats come with a comprehensive 20-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty. If you take an original 3’×2′ mat at $119.95 and divide that over 20 years, you are paying only $6.00/ year to own a premium anti-fatigue floor mat.

Will WellnessMats Stain My Floor?

The bottom of WellnessMats are free of paints and coatings that cause staining; our unique proprietary engineering allows the color pigment to be directly injected into the polyurethane. Company research has found that some types of flooring, and Linoleum in particular, may be made from raw, sometimes inexpensive materials including linseed oil. This type of flooring and floors sealed with a non-urethane based sealer may have a tendency to cause slight discoloring when covered. Although very rare, a few cases are known where linseed oil or the adhesives used to seal floors have an oxidation effect due to lack of UV light over time. This adverse effect could happen with any type of floor covering. If you have any concerns about the chance of any discoloration or material reaction, it is our recommendation that you contact your floor installer to learn more about your finish. If you have further questions, please email us and a customer service representative will be happy to assist you

What Accreditations & Endorsements Does WellnessMats Have?

We are accepted by the APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association), certified by NFSI (National Floor Safety Institute), and endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association.
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Estate Sale Fri. & Sat. Mar. 17 & 18

If you like Estate Sales, I’m guessing you’ll LOVE this house full of interesting things for sale.  Join us 8:30 – 4:30 Fri. & Sat. to shop owls, cats, horses, pottery, books, antique furniture, kitchen ware, art, oriental decor, vintage linens & aprons, household items, twin beds, a double bed, patio furniture and more.  In Fairway Estates neighborhood of Rainbow Springs, follow Estate Sale signs from highway 41 near Winn Dixie at SW 99th Place.   Turn left on SW 192nd Court Road and continue to follow signs.
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SunLeaf 100% Pure Essential Oils

Looking for essential oils to use in exfoliating sugar scrubs or to make your home smell good?  Did you know you can use essential oils to make your own house hold cleaners?  I’ve recently found a company I feel offers a quality oil,  gathered from a sustainable source that is good for us and for our planet.   Please read more to learn why I like them then come in the store, smell them all, and experience the enchanting blends. Simple, pure ingredients “It’s a pleasure doing business with SunLeaf Naturals. The people behind the products are beautiful and thoughtful and they shine through the entire line. Each product is well thought out and holds true to the company’s philosophy of simple, pure ingredients blended to work. They also strive to use minimal packaging. I tell customers over and over again, this is a local product line anyone can feel really great supporting. We really love SunLeaf Naturals!” Karyn Hjelden Multi-store Wellness Manager Lakewinds, Minnetonka MN What a pleasure… “I am writing to tell you a story about your products and how wonderful they are. I am a real estate agent working in the western suburbs of Minnesota. I had a home listed that recently sold, a very lovely home. After the purchase agreement had been negotiated, inspections completed, etc., I received a phone call from the agent that had represented the buyer in the transaction, now mind you the property had not closed yet. He called to ask me a “huge favor” for the buyer moving here from Texas. All the buyer wanted to know, of all the things a buyer moving thousands of miles away from home was, where did the owner get the wonderful scents throughout the house, and they wanted to make sure they too could find where to buy them. What a pleasure to let them know they are widely available and made right here in Minnesota! Your products made a huge difference in the incredibly difficult real estate market. I will be telling every seller I have to use your diffusers at a minimum. They will be in all my listing packages!” – Beth, Realtor
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More Garden Whimsey for Your Garden or Gift Giving

When we go to market, Dane shops circles around me.  I have to look at everything, touch it, talk to the rep or artist and on and on it goes.  I take days to see it all.  Dane is much more efficient.  He seems to zero in on stone, wood, steel – and always unique.  He talks less and sees more. And so it went when he discovered this line – Elizabeth Keith Designs – recently.  He knows some of our customers have blank walls on the outside of their homes that they want to dress up.  And he knows many folks are hoping to spend their dollars with “made in America” products.  This art is designed and created in Cary, North Carolina by the trio of owners, Chris & Karen Montgomery and Michael Markham. As an artist with the company said “The sun and the moon are constants in our lives, radiating light and life, always with us but ever changing. Artist Michael Markham has been drawn to these celestial symbols throughout his artistic career, rendering sun and moon faces in silver, in fine woodwork and in clay. “The sun is always rising” says the artist. “Perhaps that’s why it’s such a potent symbol for me. It’s reborn every morning.” Read More
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Our Newest Addition – unique & beautiful handmade art

Dane found this talented couple and their art at market in January.  The paper the prints and greeting cards are made on is impregnated with seeds so if planted in soil and watered, they will grow wild flowers.  We brought in a small sampling of their large collection.  Hope you’ll come in to enjoy it in person.  Below is their story. Read More
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New Clothes Arriving Daily to Cedar St. Boutique

Now is the time when new merchandise arrives daily.  Thanks to Denise for modeling one the new capes that we brought in, in 3 different colors.  They can be worn several different ways, as shown on the tags.  Most of these pieces (not the cape) were made in FLORIDA.  We are open to Read More
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At Grumbles House we love to eat, laugh, build cool displays, love on our customers and sell.  We love when folks visit and we hear them laughing and having fun as they go through the shop enjoying the merchandise and each other.  These cotton flour sack towels  and reclaimed wood signs make laughing easy.  
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Fall Flowers in Our Garden

An evening stroll through our garden in early October reveals a healthy bounty of vibrant color and blooms.  With cooler temps and holiday gatherings at our homes coming soon, it’s a great time to visit Grumbles House to choose some color to enhance your yard and containers.   Read More
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There’s ALWAYS something different arriving at Grumbles House!!

One thing our regular customers LOVE about Grumbles House is that they can visit today and then again in a week and there will be new merchandise to see!  Sometimes an influx of antiques, sometimes clothing, often cutesie little inexpensive gift items, yard decor or interesting plants…we frequently have something new to view.   Hope you’ll put us on your list of frequent places to visit! Read More
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