Fads and trends come and go but we are happy to be the buyers and sellers (and sometimes keepers) of quality antique furniture that keeps performing both practically speaking and aesthetically.  Solid wood, dovetailed joints, appliqued trim, turned legs and beveled mirrors are just some of the endearing qualities that attract us who love them. I’d much rather climb through a long forgotten attic, old home or storage shed than visit Rooms to Go or some place similar to see the inital “wow” but at closer look disappointing pressed wood trends. We may not have a high end, quick turnover market here but our shop is a good safe place for nice old pieces to rest, be appreciated and feel loved until their owner for the next 50 or 100 years comes along.   I like to wonder what was stored in each drawer and by whom and what conversations were had over the dinner tables.   If you need to feel cozy and comforted by some pretty old pieces, come run your hands along the surfaces that have worn well and stood up to the test of time and see if you can hear them tell their story.