November 2019 New Pots!!

A new container of pots arrived a month or so ago. Thanks to our team’s collective power, we are unpacked and selling them well.  Stop by to select your favorites. Most styles come in nested sets which means we have 3 or 4 sizes of same style.  Many we have duplicate sets so you can find 2 the same for either side of a doorway, etc.  Saucers are sold separately and we don’t have every size of every color of pot but we have quite a few.  We also carry heavy plastic saucers on rollers in 3 sizes which is great for moving & watering heavy pots.  We also have brown and hunter green cast iron saucers on castors. The new shipment of pots has necessitated a sale on some of the older one that have been hanging around awhile.  We have a 30% off area directly behind Sweetie’s Cafe where you can find bargains.
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