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If you’re visiting downtown Dunnellon Florida, Grumbles House Antiques & Garden Shop is a quaint, historic property you will enjoy browsing. Built in 1908 when the town was booming due to the discovery of phosphate, the 4 bedroom home boasts 5 fireplaces, transom windows, a beautiful staircase and wood trim not typically found today.

March 18 2015 173Inside you’ll find antiques and cool pieces you can re-purpose as well as unique gifts, stained glass, home decor, gourmet foodstuff, bath & body products, ladies clothing & accessories. The World War II army barracks next door houses our overflow furniture, outdoor rugs (Mad Mats), silk flowers, hanging light fixtures and more. Outside you’ll find native, tropical, flowering plants as well as Terri’s oddities our customers love. We carry small trees and shrubs as well as stepping stones to build walkways like the ones you’ll see while meandering through our garden. We carry a full line of birdbaths, fountains, statuary, wind spinners and garden flags to enhance your yard or to give as a gift to that special someone who loves to embellish their outdoor spaces.

When we bought the business in 1996, it was called Argyles Attic and was 98% antiques. Over the years we’ve infused art, lamps, mirrors, rugs and interesting small furniture collectively known as home decor. Dane is the one with the vision; always adding nice touches to take us to where we are today. He saved the WWII Army barracks from being torn down, moved it next door & he built the crosswalk, porch & fountain. He’s added walkways with our stepping stones and installed a kitchen in the barracks in hopes of a quaint cafe.  In April of 2016, we welcomed Sweetie’s Cafe to our barracks.  With the exception of Sundays, cafe hours are the same as Grumbles (10am-5pm Mon.-Sat.).  Sweetie’s is closed on Sundays. We’ve also added aromatherapy, bath & body products, unique gifts and ladies clothing, a few shoes, scarves, hats & jewelry.

Besides selling products we pick out, we consign antiques & gently used items for our customers and do our best to find them new homes. We also conduct Estate & Moving Sales outside the store.

We enjoy meeting new customers when we set up booths at Marion County Master Gardener’s Spring Festival, Kanapaha Botanical Gardens spring & fall shows as well as Cedar Lakes Woods & Gardens spring & fall shows.

March 18 2015 048We host garden clubs at our place and sometimes travel to area clubs to speak at their meetings. We participate in Historic Village monthly and annual events like First Saturday Village Market the first Saturday of each month from 8 am to 3 pm, Victorian Holiday Festival the Saturday night before Thanksgiving and host our own Open Houses, Garden Groupies and other events for our customers.

We work hard to give our customers a great variety of quality merchandise to choose from at reasonable prices in a comfortable, friendly atmosphere that hopefully nurtures the soul.

In an effort to keep our prices reasonable, we ask customers to pay with cash or check when you can, thus reducing our exorbitant credit card fees.

We recycle black pots from plants at our farm and grocery bags to put your plants in to prevent getting your car dirty. We are also happy to recycle your water bottle or soda can to avoid it going into the landfill. We hope you’ll do your part to reduce, reuse and recycle, too.

Folks ask us quite frequently to come to their home to help them with a landscape plan. We haven’t offered this service until recently. Now, we have someone who works as an independent contractor, retired from teaching horticulture for many years at the college level, who enjoys doing these consultations and would be happy to help you. If you are interested in this service, please ask at our register.

Why the name “Grumbles House”?

  Prior to 1908, John & Mary Grumbles were raising their family” on the compound” at Rockwell (present day Holder) where offices for Dunnellon Phosphate Co. were located. Mr. Grumbles was superintendent of that and most mines in North Central Florida during the phosphate boom at the turn of the century. Although tutored on the compound, when the two oldest girls reached school age, Mr. Grumbles felt they should live in “a proper home” and go to “a proper school”. So, he purchased the land, hand-picked the lumber and had the 4 bedroom, 2 bath home with 5 fireplaces & transom windows built where we enjoy it today. The family of 6 moved in during 1908 when Dorothy was just three (blondie w/white hair bow in front on trike). A younger brother, Henry, with “beautiful auburn hair” was born in the master bedroom where Mr. Grumbles later died. The family moved to Jacksonville in the late 1930s as the girls went off to college at FSU, then an all girls college. We have been fortunate enough to entertain Dorothy several times and hear her wonderful stories of growing up here before her death in May of 2006 at the age of 99. We felt it an honor to name our business “The Grumbles House” after the family who built and lived life in this old house.