WHY? Having a musician in the family and loving live music in an intimate setting, led me to birth Music
Handcrafted by this talented lady, Miss Ellie, of New York City, this unique & beautiful jewelry is something we are
At Cedar Street Boutique we sell colorful, comfy clothing and this line is no exception.  "30A" is the name of
I love color!  And wood.  And design detail.  Look at the photos to enjoy the intricate carving, splashes of color
Here's an article I found on line to introduce our February 2019 artist for Music on the Porch.  Casey was
Fads and trends come and go but we are happy to be the buyers and sellers (and sometimes keepers) of
For 2 or 3 years, I've wanted to host a monthly live music event in Dunnellon to show case local
Brand new to Grumbles House this month are the Allsop Solar Lanterns in a variety of shapes, colors and materials. 
There's always something new arriving every few days and we are grateful for these pretty ladies, our photographer and resident