Consignment is Part of What We Sell

Taking customers items on consignment continually infuses new inventory into our mix.  AND it helps get something out of the house that has lots of life left to it but that no longer serves a purpose in their home.

Typically, you never get back what you paid for it, but now and then, depending on the circumstances, you get more.  And it’s fun to see those who find it, love it and buy it to give it purpose all over again.

We charge a whopping $10 fee to initiate an account.  Once open you can bring us things month after month as you clean out and want to part with things.  You may set the selling price or leave that to us.  We usually show the item(s) off on Facebook and in our email newsletter if really unique or special.  When the item(s) sell, we split the proceeds with you 50/50 and mail you a check before the 5th of the month following the sale of your items.

We love antiques but contemporary items sell as well.   You may begin the process by emailing photos of the items you wish to sell to  We can email you a form to read over and begin listing your items from home.  If there are things we don’t think we have a market for, we’ll let you know from photos or when you bring it in.  Contact us at 4651460 to arrange a day to bring things in and you’re on your way to cleaning out and hopefully generating a little jingle for your pocket.