Dresses and Pants On Sale





Kim St. John owned a boutique in The Villages for 17 years.  Then Covid hit and she had to close.  $5000/month rent is nothing to sneeze at so as the pandemic dragged on, she decided to bail entirely.  She hated to leave the clientele she built & the job she enjoyed for so many years but financially it was the only thing that made sense.

She now lives in the Yankeetown area and we’ve happily sold the clothes she had left from the store for her for about a year now.  Space is always an issue in retail and we need ours back so she has agreed to liquidate beginning with all the bottoms.  All of the shorts, skirts, capris, long pants & jeans with KSJ tags will be sold at 40% off the ticketed price.  Beginning Feb. 9, we are adding all KSJ dresses to the SALE.  If you have a special occasion coming up, and you like brands such as Joseph Ribkoff, Clara Sun Woo & Mesmerize, come try on a few of these beautiful pieces.  You may just be the belle of the ball!

Thankfully a couple of our employees  helped to show off a few pair as the pants don’t look great on hangers.  We no longer have full size runs but come take a peek and see if we have some things you can use at great prices.  Jag jeans, Ethyl, Mesmerize, Lisette, Simon Chang and Clara Sun Woo are a few of the brands on sale.