Eco Friendly Cocoa Leaf Lamps

[ig_row][ig_column span=”span12″][ig_text]Grumbles House is proud to carry a variety of quality, upscale, green products and these Eangee lamps are one of our favorites.  We are happy to help you find the right colors & styles & have them drop shipped to your home.    These eco-friendly lamps are made from renewable resources  (cocoa & jackfruit leaves), are fairly traded which means the artisans who build them are treated well and the style is fun and sure to add a positive vibe wherever they are used.
Lamp frames are made from wrought iron which make them strong & durable.  Frames are powder coated to protect the finish and then the unique shades are made from leaves collected from the same plant that is used to make chocolate (cocoa leaves) as well as from the  jack fruit tree which is common in SE Asia & the Philippines.  Jackfruit is the largest tree-borne fruit in the world.  Each piece of fruit can reach up to 3′ in length & weigh up to 80 pounds. The fossilization process of drying the leaves over 3 to 4 months & then hand rubbing the chlorophyll off so only the leaf’s skeleton remains is very labor intensive.  The fact that no corrosive chemicals are used is better for our earth.  Once the chlorophyll is removed, the leaf is stained in organic food based dyes.  Since the leaves are natural, each one absorbs dye differently, resulting in a lamp with varying hues and shades, sometimes within the same leaf.

 Only 20% of the leaves collected make it through the entire process and end up being used in the shades.  Sometimes, a leaf has a small tear before it is adhered to the shade, but due to the low-impact sealant used, no tear will increase in size nor will any leaf pull from the shade.  Once the leaf is stained, it is adhered to a heat resistant backing and the artists cut each leaf to ensure that none overlap.  Finally, a strong sealant is used to ensure stability & integrity of the shade.

Eangee believes in fair trade practices which means that all members of their producer groups have access to a dignified working environment, living wages, healthcare, continuing education, and quality housing.  By providing fairly traded quality goods, they hope to fill peoples homes and special places with decor that makes them smiles while supporting  artisans and other people worldwide.

It is recommended that compact florescent light (CFL) or LED bulbs be used to provide plenty of light without the heat and wattage use that comes from using a standard incandescent bulb.  The lower heat will help ensure the longevity of the lamp.  If you use an incandescent bulb, we suggest a maximum of 40 watts.

Should your lamp need cleaning, a dry cloth or feather duster is recommended.  Liquid cleaners or placing lamp in direct sunlight for extended periods of time are not recommended.