February 2020 Music on the Porch

Our son, Taylor Dane Myers, will be the Feb. 28 Music on the Porch artist.  And what can I tell you about his music?  I love it, but I’m his mom, so it barely counts.  He plays piano, guitar, drums and sings but I don’t know what he has planned for this show.  I do know he ordered a projector for himself around Christmas so I’m guessing he’ll incorporate that into the show and I think he’s always writing songs so my guess is he’ll do some old ones and some new ones but if you’ve never seen him play, they’ll all be new to you.  He usually throws in an Earth Wind & Fire or Stevie Wonder tune, something from Jason M’Raz, John Mayer or Jack Johnson as well as a Beatles or an old Andy Williams like Moon River.  One thing for certain is that he loves to play and perform so hopefully he’ll entertain you and you’ll be glad you came.  He was our first Music on the Porch artist when we started this event in January 2018 so we welcome him home from Miami for his 3rd show (I think) at Sweetie’s Cafe.   Dinner is served at 6pm.  Music starts at 7.  Call Sweetie’s Cafe (352-216-2510) for reservation or just join us at 7 for music. You can find YouTube videos under Dane Myers Music and Facebook posts the same way.