Firefly Mosaic Jewelry Comes to Dunnellon

We are excited about this fresh addition of Firefly mosaic jewelry to Cedar St. Boutique Spring 2021!  Vibrant colors & creative designs using

art deco and nature as inspiration give this line an artsy feel with a little whimsy thrown in.  Made in Guatemala by folks who traditionally (ladies) embroidered textiles and men who made fishing nets, the Guatemalan workers have been taught the new skills of jewelry creation.  With a strong eye for detail, these skilled artisans combine their cultural craftsmanship with passion to create the jewelry we think you’ll love.

Most of the jewelry is brass that has been silver plated and antiqued then embellished with Austrian Swarovski crystals, Japanese and Czech glass beads.  The ear wires are brass plated with German silver.

Each piece, unique in color and design, is a work of art;  whimsical, yet sophisticated, surely complimenting any attire.