Handcrafted Heartwood Creations Wood Boxes

We have been proud to carry Heartwood Creations wood boxes for several years now and never get tired of the many styles and designs of high quality hand crafted wood boxes they make. Most are small slide top boxes of varying shapes and sizes but the diversity in the woods and decor are endless. In just “maple” alone, they build boxes from 6 species of wood: maple, quilted maple, bird’s-eye maple, spalted maple, burl maple and tiger maple. They also use teak, aspen, bubinga aka African Rosewood, cherry, walnut & burl walnut, Japanese Tamo, kewazingo, exotic lacewood, sapele and madrone burl. They come from Oregon, Northern California, Michigan, New England and portions of the south in North America but also from British Columbia, Africa, Australia and the southern coast of India. The boxes are embellished with marquetry, inlay and laser engraving (although I don’t typically order these – I like the inlay & marquetry much better). Besides the “secret boxes” as the owner named them, we also carry their cribbage boards, a couple of puzzle boxes, wood pill box, compass, guitar pick box, toothpick holder and ladies golf tee holder. On the back of each box is their signature heart logo. All wood products are made by American wood workers in their Rockford, Illinois shop. The company founder is Michael Fisher. I borrowed a clip from their website to share with you. Our Founder My passion for woodworking began as a child when I was inspired by watching my father make furniture for our home. When I joined the Boy Scouts, I read a book by Eric Sloane called “A Reverence for Wood.” That book, in combination with my love for nature, gave me a deep appreciation for wood and trees. I’ve made many things throughout my life from wood, but boxes have remained my primary focus. When I was sixteen, I made a box from birch for my girlfriend and put a romantic note inside. An early teacher introduced me to the sliding dovetail which i use to this day on Heartwood’s little Secret boxes. I soon discovered elaborate and exotic woods and so began my love affair. Woodworking has always been therapeutic for me. It kept me engaged during tumultuous school years and became something meaningful that involved my heart and my hands. The workshop in my parent’s basement quickly became my favorite and most productive outlet. My love for the medium and the joy I receive form working with my hands continues to inspire me decades later.