Handcrafted & Sustainable Recycled Leather Bags by Soruka


It has been estimated that more than 500K of tones of leather are wasted every year. The traditional leather industry only uses the central part of the hide for their products, which results in 60% of the leather produced not being used and often ending up in landfills and rivers of our planet, creating a huge environmental problem.

At Soruka, they decided not to be part of the problem but part of the solution. Its mission is to create beautiful timeless collections while preserving traditional techniques, supporting sustainable fashion and the fair trade movement. Its aim is to be a zero-waste company, so they try to use every scrap of material. With great effort and joy, the artisans select the cutting and the right colors in order to transform waste into a beautiful bag.

Their expert artisans craft each piece by hand using unused leather that otherwise will be wasted. The result is a beautiful one-of-a-kind handcrafted piece made with the best quality leather and environmentally friendly.



Each and every piece of their collection is made with integrity and kindness by artisans using traditional techniques, showcasing their expertise and craftsmanship.

The bags are designed in a timeless style that will outlive the micro-trends and seasons, every bag is a unique and unrepeatable piece of art. The manufacturing process involves little to no machinery, keeping the energy consumption low.

All their bags are made in India by small, independent artisans from rural communities, which they work closely to help grow their business and production capabilities.

The partnership with them is the best method of job creation in low-income environments and also a way to preserve generational craftsmanship.

All their artisans are trained adults over 18, who receive beyond fair trade wages. Economic empowerment gives them the opportunity to stay in their villages, and supporting their family, and they will be less likely to migrate to urban areas.



Their bags are made with recycled leather that has been wasted by factories (scrap and leftover leather) and deadstock materials.

For them, sustainability means respecting the material and using every single part you can so nothing goes to waste.

Deadstock materials are leftover leather that is no longer useful to companies and is sold off due to various reasons including overstock, not meeting aesthetic requirements, being too small in quantity to make a collection, or being no longer in season. They rescue this dead stock before it is thrown away and give it a new lease of life.

Because they use deadstock materials, scrap, and leftover leather, it is impossible to make two identical bags, which makes each bag unique and unrepeatable!

Each color combination will always be different which means that there can be slight imperfections and variations in texture and color, making each product truly one-of-a-kind.

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