Lady Lamps from Greece now at Grumbles House

One thing I always seem attracted to when I shop are unique lamps. I guess because we all need them to see and I like practical things that are pretty. Some are great for reading, others light the way for meandering through our homes and add ambiance to a room, sometimes the needed pop of color or piece to fill a blank space that needed to be “cozied up” a bit. . SO, this past fall we brought in 12 of these wood and fabric “Lady Lamps” and have recently brought in another order. Each one is named after its own personality. They are hand made in Greece from fabric & wood. The importer tells us the collection is inspired by the northwest wind Vardaris, which I googled and learned is the nearly constant cold wind in northern Greece. That explains the blown backwards parasols the ladies are holding which I just attributed to my Winnie-the-Pooh vocabulary of “a blustery day”. Eash lamp stands about 3′ tall and the skirts can be manipulated to be fully blown back or not so much. They are pricey at $235 each but when you want a unique piece for a certain space or a great gift for a nursery, a girly girl or someone familiar with the northern winds of Vardaris, we’ve got it for you.