MOSHIKI Reversible Ladies Skirts

Moshiki “HOT COOKIES” are new to Grumbles House: a fun line of reversible ladies skirts made from lightweight cotton fabrics in prints & denims, among others. Skirt “body” styles are in the teens, some with ribbon or lace trim, others with a ruffle bottom, some with a detachable, reversible pocket, and ALL adjustable with the waistline snaps to fit sizes 2-14! . Hope you’ll stop in and see all the fun fabrics and styles and examine the attention to detail and excellent quality of craftsmanship. Besides getting a “two-for-one” due to the reversible style and option of sizes from 2 to 14, you can wear the skirt knowing workers haven’t been exploited but are treated and paid fairly for their work as Moshiki is all about Fair Trade. Here’s an excerpt from their website: “For us, Fair Trade is not just a buzz word – we live it. We work in close collaboration with all of our suppliers. And we know exactly who works for us. Our craftspeople and artisans use their talents and passion for their craft and natural materials to translate our designs into wonderful products. They are very committed and love what they do. The outcome is fashionable, well-made products that provide lots of fun for everyone – but most of all for you, our customer. Our products are produced in Asia based on rather simple but nonetheless valuable principles: fairness, responsibility, adequate pay, no child work. “