New Chocolate Nibbles in Time for Valentine’s Day

Two of our favorite pastimes at Grumbles House are laughing and grazing.  And one of our favorite things to graze on besides a healthy meal is CHOCOLATE!  While at market recently I looked for a dark chocolate I could get excited about.  And I believe I’ve found it in Seattle Chocolate Company.  Besides their interesting and wonderful flavors of dark & milk chocolate, I like that they are a socially responsible company from the way they treat their employees, to the farming practices their farmers employ and the environmental protection they practice.   The flavors are unique!!

Cayenne Veracruz Orange

The Cayenne Veracruz Orange bar has been known to convert even dark chocolate purists into white chocolate fans. Drawing inspiration from a local delicacy in the Yucatan Peninsula – a fresh sliced orange with a light dusting of chili powder – this bar leads with a citrusy aroma, melts into a creamy, dreamsicle sensation and finishes with a kick of red pepper.

We recommend pairing with a smoky scotch or fresh white wine.

Black Fig Pistachio

An elevated spin on the classic fruit and nut combination, the Black Fig Pistachio bar in 72% cacao unites chewy California mission figs with crunchy whole roasted pistachios. The semi-sweet, fudgy chocolate is enhanced by an adventure in texture, making Black Fig Pistachio a fan favorite on the jcoco chocolate menu.

We recommend pairing with a full-bodied red wine like cabernet sauvignon or malbec.

Noble Dark

A dark chocolate lover’s dream, our Noble Dark bar is made from a blend of Nicaraguan cacao beans and boasts a complex, fruit-forward flavor profile. Crunchy cocoa nibs add a little texture to the mouthfeel without interrupting the nuanced character of the chocolate.

We recommend pairing with a well-balanced, fruit-forward syrah.

non-gmo | gluten-free | dairy-free | kosher | ethically sourced

Agave Quinoa Sesame

This milk chocolate bar takes the light, airy bite of a Crunch bar and elevates it with South American inspired ingredients. Theyuse quinoa puffed under low heat, glaze it in blue agave to seal the texture, and add in toasted sesame seeds, creating a milk chocolate experience that leans more savory than sweet.

We recommend pairing with a caramel stout.

Edamame Sea Salt

The unexpected ingredients in the Edamame Sea Salt bar never fail to surprise and delight first-time tasters. Inspired by Asian Fusion cuisine, they take crunchy, toasted edamame and merge it with creamy milk chocolate and fine sea salt. The result is a perfect balance of sweet and savory tasting notes with a nutty texture.

We recommend pairing with an IPA or a red wine with dark, velvety tannins like a pinot noir.

Coconut Pecan

True coconut fans will appreciate the hearty shavings of dried coconut that lend this bar its unique texture and subtle sweetness. Coupled with whole pecans and a touch of sea salt, this creamy milk chocolate bar is the ode to the island of Vanuatu.

We recommend pairing with cabernet sauvignon with dark chocolate and cherry notes.

Bali Sea Salt Toffee

Jcoco uses fluffy sea salt crystals, hand harvested in a Balinese tradition that spans over one thousand years, to offset the round caramel notes of this milk chocolate bar. Add in the buttery chunks of toffee, and you have the perfect decadent treat reminiscent of the classic milk chocolate flavors many of us have grown to love.

We recommend pairing with a red blend with notes of cherry and currant.


After collaborating with Chef Tarik Abdullah to bring you Boharat Middle Eastern Spice in Dark Chocolate. The Boharat spice is used throughout Middle Eastern cuisine often in lentil dishes and stews. The 60% cacao bar transforms this traditionally savory flavor profile, infusing dark chocolate with spices such as cumin, black peppercorn, cinnamon and cloves for a surprisingly harmonious combination of flavors.

non-gmo | gluten-free | vegan | kosher | rainforest alliance certified cacao

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