New Solar Lanterns to Enhance Your Home

Brand new to Grumbles House this month are the Allsop Solar Lanterns in a variety of shapes, colors and materials.  Some (the steel blue, orchard red & white) are made of tyvek.  The sheer green, white and chocolate are nylon.  Both are strong materials that will stand up to outdoor elements.  We are taking a lantern outside each day to charge from the sun, then bringing it inside to show off in a dark room (probably our bathroom) during the day.   Tyvek is made of flashspun high-density polyethylene (>99%) fibers. It is opaque, lightweight and tear resistant. The punched tin designs in the fabric cast a pretty shadow when close enough to a wall or screen to do so.  Can use outdoors or bring inside to add ambiance to your favorite room. Each lantern comes with rechargeable AAA batteries and dual white LEDS.  If battery ever needs replacing, the company recommends using rechargeable batteries.
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