Shortened Hours related to Covid 19 Corona Virus

Effective 3/18 our store hours will be reduced Mon-Sat. 10-3 for Grumbles House and 12-3 for Cedar St. Boutique.  The bulk of our business is being conducted outside in the garden where social distancing can easily be practiced.  We have gloves, hand sanitizer & Lysol spray available for staff & customer use.  Those who know what they want are welcome to call the store, place an order and we will pull order and call you back to let you know what time to pick it up.  We are also happy to mail gift certificates and other small merchandise for your gift giving needs or shopping pleasure.  Some merchandise can be seen here and some on our Facebook page.  Within the week, we expect to be closed altogether but  I am happy to still ship as long as I am healthy.  Thanks for reading and our best wishes for your good health!