Stores Opening June 2!

We closed both stores March 23 due to news of Americans dying from the Corona Virus which was spreading indiscriminately in our nation.  After  building a brick walkway, replacing rotten wood, refinishing floor boards, taking down wallpaper and repainting the dining room – we realized garden centers are on the list of essential businesses.  With a shoestring staff, we reopened late April in the garden only 4 half days a week.  We’ve been busy (Spring is our busiest season of the year) and now we are putting things in place to open both stores tomorrow (June 2) on a limited basis to see how it goes.  We will be open in both stores and the garden Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday 9am-3pm to those who will wear a mask and practice social distancing. 

If things are manageable and go well, we will expand either the 2nd or 3rd week of June until we get back to our regular 7 days a week.

THANKS to so many of you who are voicing your support to our cautious approach in doing business.   Known cases in our area are low compared to much of the nation but we do get many out of area, out of state & even out of country visitors to Grumbles House so we feel the need to take precautions, as suggested by scientists & the CDC.  By masking, we are accepting that it’s possible that each of us have been exposed to someone with Coivd and although we don’t feel sick, we could be a carrier and want to protect anyone we come into contact with.  It shows respect for this deadly disease and respect for those around us.

So, call if you have questions about our hours before you drive to visit us.  We hope to keep a cashier outside for those shopping in the garden who aren’t ready to come inside to pay.  You are welcome to come up the back handicap ramp to the back porch to pay there.  We will limit customers inside Grumbles to 10 at a time and 6 at a time inside Cedar St. Boutique. We are trying to cover all the bases so you can have a safe and positive shopping experience.

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