Sustainable Journey With Gumbies

We are happy to partner with companies who strive to reduce, reuse & recycle as Gumbies does. Inspired by Australia, their home is in FLORIDA. Each pair of their Flip-Flops feature special outsoles made from recycled and natural materials. They’re contoured to fit on your feet like a glove for a unique fit. The rugged tire-like tread provides grip and durability.

The ‘Islander’ flip flop, also known as the 1000-miler, was conceived with a passion for simplicity, necessity, and most importantly- freedom. Utilizing natural materials based on a strong ethical foundation, but with a visible point of difference, the quest for the perfect flip-flop had begun.

Prototypes were made using old tires, but realizing that car tires were too crude and not commercially viable, Gumbies founder Michel Maurer set about exploring the use of recycled rubber instead. Bonding it with jute for strength and sandwiching an EVA midsole for comfort, topping it with canvas for a more natural touch to the skin. Finishing off with vibrant, but contemporary colors, each one tells a story – a blank canvas to express his beliefs and unique view of the world

Some of the materials used for Gumbies are rubber from tires for the soles, recycled cotton reclaimed from production and other sources used in the straps, rPET (Recycled Plastic) from post-consumer products such as bottles is used in Duckbill flip-flop straps and plastic bottles that are processed down to reusable materials such as polyester or felt.

Moreover, Gumbies shows their stand with Trees as they will plant a mangrove tree in either Madagascar, Mozambique, or Kenya on your behalf for every order placed.

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