What’s New in August

One of the new lines introduced late in August in our store is a fine art Print + Pattern Company that comprises an array of flowers in their printmaking.   We brought in a few of their prints and notecards because I saw quality art in the way they combine flora & fauna with watercolors and shapes we all know and love.  The card stock is nice, the colors are vibrant but peaceful and the animals are playful and sweet.

I met the owner & artist of the company and some or her staff at the Atlanta Gift Show in July where her art caught my eye and drew me in.  Each state she paints includes the use of the state flower and other popular natives from the region and she lists them on the back of the print.  I love that!  The print of our nation gives me a hopeful heart when I look at it.  It exudes life and love and growth.

Apparently the owner’s father was a botanist.  As a child, she followed along outdoors while he worked and picked up lots of hands on learning and a love for nature and the outdoors along the way.  Although her family is mainly from Alabama and North Carolina, her 9 month old son was born in Miami, FL “so the sunshine state holds a very special place in her heart for sure” her assistant Tori told me.

Next time you’re in, look them over.  I think you’ll agree, it’s a nice product.



We’re proud that they are Woman Owned + Operated and to support small-business manufacturers across America.